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Jan 19, 2014

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Despite nothing new going on in the Bradley world, all is well. Beautiful, in fact! I'm slowly starting to figure out how to simplify things this year and focus on homeschooling Kaya, homemaking, and streamline my business/writing. I am so grateful to also be in this month's edition of Girl Gone International (a beautifully edited magazine for female travellers) and you can also check out my monthly column in Parent Tribe which is out today! Life is good.

Yet I am still feeling stressed and behind on what needs to be done. I haven't streamlined cleaning our home nor making a schedule and every time I log into Pinterest to print something to help me plan my day, I end up repinning things. Addiction, I swear! I'm also stressed about finding Kaya a regular playgroup or art class in our neighborhood as her two friends in the area are no longer around afterschool. Kaya is craving activities and the island doesn't have as much as I would like for her, to be honest. This is one of the reasons we will eventually leave the island and pick a place that has more of a community for homeschoolers.

Nonetheless we just love it here. Our daily walks are invigorating and inspiring. We are meeting new people everyday.

A few resources for others looking to simplify life in 2014....

- Life: Simplified 

Joyful Mothering has launched an excellent project and community Pin Board  for women who have the common goal of enjoying the simple things this year. This serious is amazing and I am so happy I found out about this project!!

-Stay At Home Yoga and Fit 2B

Super easy ways to for stay at home/work from home moms to fit exercise into their day.

-One Bite At A Time

Just got this book! I'll review it once I've read it.

- Destination Simple

Just got this one too, as well as Plan It Don't Panic

_ Be More With Less

This blog is fabulous!! Dedicated to simplifying life and living with less stuff. One of my favorite sites at the moment.

-Rowdy Kittens

Ever want to live in a tiny house? Then this blog is for you. :)

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  1. So glad everything is going so well for you. I haven't quite figured out how to conquer some of my New Year goals, but I'm making baby steps. I suppose that's all that really matters anyway. I just started a new book called "Hands Free Mama" by Rachel Stafford. Check it out. I think you'll appreciate it.

  2. i love your precious moments!!
    there is so much around your area to take in. so much history and culture!!
    hope you find more moms/ play groups/ community for y'all.
    Oh, and share your secrets on simplification when you stumble across them...

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  4. i love the new look, I also like the links you shared - I want to enjoy the simple things in life to so I will check the project out.

  5. and I love Kaya's curls so much, sharing curls tips for our daughters would great :)


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