My tools for making the New Year ROCK

Jan 15, 2014

I have been in planning mode. Slowly but surely, we are getting rid of clutter. It isn't a fast process for someone who has a lot of stuff, but nowadays who doesn't have a lot of thing lying around the house? Bless you neo minimalists, but that's just not me. I'm a collector and an unorganized Mama who is striving for a happy medium.

Apart from the chaos inside our abode, planning for this year has been happening. I enjoy planning things, but I gave up the process a few years ago....when that baby of mine was born. But for 2014 I am motivated for one reason or another to make this year count. To not be overwhelmed with worry/anxiety about the unknown future and just control what I can and live in the present.

These are the things I am using to inspire me to make 2014 the best year ever!

+ Create An Amazing Year Workbooks+

You may have noticed on Instagram I have been taking photos of me filling out these workbooks. I've raved about them before, but I want to mention them again here and now because they are so darn good and THE main reason I am motivated for this year. Basically, they get you to dream about what you want for 2014, what went wrong/right in 2013 and what you would like to have go differently this year, how you want to feel/be. I cannot rave about them enough, they are absolutely worth getting!! Check them out here.

+ Teach Me To Be Happy+

What a beautiful book!! I was just sent a copy of it to review and it is spectacular! Happiness is a choice that we can all make.  It is so important that our children learn to develop 'happiness habits' that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. Download a preview chapter here.

+ Free Printables Galore+

I pin like a mad woman. I need to just stay away from Pinterest as I cannot stop myself. It's an addiction, I swear! Print and Blogging boards have soooo many great free printables that I've somehow stumbled upon, from free planners to homeschooling things to labels to goal setting charts and calendars...

+Motivation from a Wild Sister+

I haven't talked enough about Wild Sister here, and I need to. Over the past year we have gotten to know Mike and Jen and they are incredible, kind, generous people. I contributed to their Wanderlust issue and just submitted my next article for their upcoming issue, and Jen wrote on Billy's site last week.

The Wild Sisterhood is a place for dream driven women to connect, filled with uplifting magazines, courses, articles, forums and a private Facebook group. If you happen to join it before the 18th you get a free bundle of goodies. Click here to find out more.

+ Miss LaPorte+

If I were to have a girl crush on someone, it's Danielle LaPorte. I am currently reading ( well listening to on Audible) Fire Starter Sessions as well as The Desire Map.  This is one of those books that screws with you in the best of ways, forcing you to reexamine what you think you want in live versus how you want to feel. Because there is a BIG difference. Danielle has a ton of free goodies on her site to give you a taste of the Desire Map process. You can find them here.

+ Spirited+

I just downloaded Spirited and it's companion workbook but haven't begun them yet. According to the site, they are ''Part memoir-style storytelling, part workbook and part ultimate guide to You'. I knew I wanted one just by the design, and after Jen mentioned she picked up a copy I was sold! You can download a free chapter here.

+ Natural Simple Living+

I finished my friend Cheryl's Course and for anyone wanting to simplify life this year, this course is for you!!

+ Watching Alejandra Clean+

No idea why, but I am fascinated by watching this organizer clean.  Why is watching someone clean on TV so interesting but in real life I would rather die then do it? No clue. Maybe it's because she has nice hair?!

What resources are you using to plan your year? I have printable addiction so PLEASE do share!!

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  1. We are on the same page about getting rid of clutter! We are borderline hoarders and as much as I hate that, I love owning things that I love. And yes, there's a conflict in there somewhere. I promise though, after reading through blogs this morning, I will start tackling my closet. <3


  2. That workbook sounds so awesome! I need to go look at your instagram to see all of your workbook photos! And any book that has "happy" in the title is usually a sure-fire winner. I need to check it out! I need to check out all of these printables!

    1. You will love them all! So many great resources online, in fact after I wrote this post I found even more lol

  3. Thanks for all these! You find such amazing things... can you recommend any books or websites for natural health through diet, exercise, supplements etc. I was sick so many times last year and i'm determined to make my body stronger this year! Plus try and wean my kids off the junk nutrition and crappy medicines that my husband and inlaws are so fond of giving them :(

  4. scratch that, i've just discovered your pinterest account. there goes my afternoon!

    1. LOL! Yeah you will go nuts in Pinterest, esp my crazy boards. Holistic parenting and nutrition wise I am biased but I recommend my husband's site as well as

  5. What a wonderful collection of resources to help you make this year a great one.

    I love Pinterest! I have encountered so many amazing things on there. Seriously addictive stuff though. I'll have to check out your blogging board.

    Wishing you a lovely day.

    1. Thank you so much Jennifer! And yes, Pinterest IS addictive!!

  6. I am the WORST at getting rid of clutter :( I make crazy excuses to hold onto things. And I know what you mean about Pinterest. When I get on there, next thing I know it's 2 hours later!


    1. Oh clutter is so hard to confront and get rid of! It takes time. We have been procrastinating for several years now about getting rid of things. This year is hopefully the year...if I can only stop pinning for a while...sigh.

  7. Just have to say that's one of my all time favorite quotes! I literally have it written everywhere! :) It's all about being positive for me!

    Sweet Southern Sparkle


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