27 December 2013

Travel Plans!

photos from Nov/Dec

We're on our way to Ranong come Sunday for an impromptu visa trip! I can't wait to take photos of our stay there. It's an inexpensive, beautiful place to vacation but doesn't have many foreign tourists who actually stay over. Most drive up and back in the same day on a visa run bus and never taste the roti or visit the hot springs. So I am on a mission to put Ranong on the map as  must visit place for foreign tourists and Thais to check out.

I'll be posting photos from the holidays over the next few days or when we return. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends! Leave a comment below letting me know what you ate!

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  1. Beautiful pics; have fun in Ranong :).

  2. What beautiful pictures! Looking forward to seeing more from your trip. I had Icelandic lamb for Christmas, and I am slowly learning to become a fan of eating lamb which is a good thing as I am quickly realizing if I am going to live in Iceland I will have to eat lamb:) Hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your family.

    1. Oh beautiful!!!! My mom is a Brit so lamb is huge in her house!! I would love to live in Iceland btw!

  3. Beautiful photos - makes me miss my former visits to Thailand. Glad I discovered your blog through #mondaymommy

  4. hi!
    i like you blog!
    you follow earch others?
    let me knows!


    1. Just followed you! Thanks so much for stopping by!!


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