Nov 19, 2014

Creating A Morning Routine

Crafting a morning routine has been something I've wanted to do for years. Despite not being a morning person per say, I've always found that if I've had a good night's sleep, my mornings are the best part of the day. 

This was always the case when Kaya was a toddler. The afternoon before Billy would get home felt like an eternity, but mornings were calm. She was in a good mood, and I had more time to cook and also enjoy a nice hot cup of yerba mate ( my favorite tea). She'd then take her first nap and watch Lazy Town ( best show ever).

Kaya still loves mornings, so much so she wakes up even earlier now. Billy and I both haven't been getting proper rest mainly because we've gotten used to staying up later since my Mom was in town. I want to switch my schedule so I am up earlier and also feeling as invigorated and focused as I used to. Reading She Is Radiant was the perfect prompt for me to try and shift my habits to something healthier. 

Here are some of my tips for those of you that like me are looking to make them a sacred part of your day.

Don't aim to wake up at a time you know you won't get up at

I would love to wake up at 5AM and be waaaay ahead of the day, but you know what? It will never happen. 8AM is early for me folks. 5AM is insanely early. I think it can impede us creating a morning routine if we make goals that we know don't work well for our bodies and minds. Some of us need more rest. Some of us get up late ( raises hand!). Listen to your internal clock.

Creating A Morning Ritual

What makes you feel the most inspired in the morning? Is it those moments when you sip a steaming hot cup of joe? Meditating? Juicing? Talking with a loved one far away for a few moments on Skype? Reading a book? Journaling? Doing yoga? Prayer?

For me, I like to have a hot cup of tea after I have made Kaya breakfast and savour it for a while, then I begin making my mix between a gratitude journal and to-do list. I actually bought the infamous ( and pricey) Dayplanner that I have to blackmail my Mom to ship out to me ( it's a long story) so when I get my hands on that beautifully designed book, I am going to enjoy using it!

Spend Time In Nature

It gets hot here. Really hot. The only time day wise I enjoy going outside is early morning and early evening. I'm a night person and not a fan of humidity. Enjoying just a few minutes outside before I begin cleaning or homeschooling is precious. 

Yoga It Up

If you haven't done much yoga, give it a chance. Do a pose in the morning to see how you feel! Mornings can be the best time of day to do yoga ( so I'm told). While reading Claire's guide for radiant health I've learned that first and foremost it's about doing what's right for you instead of making it a one size fits all approach to daily life and health. Some days I feel like yoga in the morning while others not so much. See how you feel!

What is your morning routine? Let me know in the comments below!

Nov 17, 2014

Cleaning With Essential Oils

Chemical loaded home cleaners have been used for decades, but there has been a resurgence of green home products on the market. Made from healthier alternatives that can frequently be found around the house ( such as vinegar), they create a safer and frequently more economical way to clean.

I happen to love cleaning with essential oils. I am currently using DoTERRA and have heard of other brands that I want to try in the near future. From keeping our family healthy to adding a natural scent to our laundry, they are a must have in our home. To get the best deal possible, I signed up with them to get wholesale prices, and I make sure to take advantage of when they are giving away oils or have any specials.

When it comes to cleaning, the great news is you don't need to use much essential oil. Because they are potent ( and not super cheap) it's best to only use a few drops and even better, to dilute them.

Cleaning With Thieves Oil ( cinnamon blend)

Thieves Oil ( known as On Guard in DoTERRA) is a blend of cinnamon, clove, wild orange, and other oils. Cinnamon and clove are antiviral, and wild orange is antibacterial which is why they are pretty incredible, and superb for cleaning!

Lemon Oil 

One of the most economical ( as well as lovely smelling) essential oils to clean with is lemon oil. It's antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antiviral! Cleans surfaces well and leaves them smelling delightful.
You can add a few drops to a spray bottle with white vinegar and distilled water for a great window cleaner!


This is my husband's favorite oil. Believe it or not, my husband loves doing the laundry. So do I, but Billy thinks he is better at it ( he's probably right!) and when he decides to do it he always carries uses lavender essential oil. He adds only a drop or two ( add before you put your laundry in so as to not stain your clothes). Because of lavender's relaxing properties it's nice to add it to some distilled water in a spray bottle and spray your sheets before bed time. 

Wild Orange

Perhaps my favorite oil, wild orange is great for disinfecting and killing fungus. I like using this one ( diluted in a spray bottle) in the kitchen and bathroom. There are a number of cleaning products that include wild orange essential oil, one of which I used to buy from Trader Joe's. I still remember my brother telling me how nice it smelled, which is probably why I'm still using it today only now I make my own version.

Do you clean with essential oils? If so, do you have any recipes you want to share?

Nov 11, 2014

The Importance of Homemaking

The week has just begun and I'm thinking about what to make for our simple Thanksgiving meal. We aren't full on vegetarians but we eat a mostly plant based diet. And since Billy is gluten-free, traditional baking and such are not on the list unless I somehow master baking before the holidays. It's possible, but doubtful.

I've been thinking about baking and cooking often, mainly because I'm studying culinary nutrition and study weekly workshops regarding to cooking form scratch, meal prep, gluten free baking, raw foods, juicing, and more. What I've learned so far from the program is something many of us are struggling with: our generation of women were not as trained in homemaking as other generations. In fact when many of us think about homemaking, we think it's almost a backwards thing.

We have dishwashers now, and laundry machines! No one wants to stay at home all day cleaning and cooking. We need to focus on 'other things'. Or at least this is the impression I was raised with and told was accurate, even by my Mom who was herself a homemaker.

In reality, homemaking is an extremely important art that helps a family thrive. It's certainly not easy. But the fact is that few people can cook form scratch nor meal plan, which is why I am attempting at bettering both. I vaguely remember baking cookies with my Mom when I was in maybe kindergarten, but apart from that that's it. I went off to school at 12 or 13 ( yes really) and lived in a dorm from then onwards. Meals were made for us, and not in the slightest, and students fuelled up with caffeine and sugar.

Since becoming a Mom I've learned just how hard it is to manage a home and I struggle with it on a daily basis. Adding homeschooling and running a business in the mix and you can guess I don't get it all done. To do lists galore.

But I've realized the importance of focusing on one thing I want to improve that would be of benefit to not only myself but my family. And for me that's nutrition.

What's the one thing you want to improve on pertaining to homemaking?