Nikki de Vet On Her Journey As A Coach + Blogger

May 25, 2015

Today in Simplify Blogging, the beautiful Nikki de Vet is here to tell us all about her journey as a Coach and blogger. Nikki is a passionate life coach helping other women choose their own adventure by manifesting confidence, abundance and living with purpose. Her wish is for as many ladies as possible to be delighted with life.

She’s the creator of where she writes about her personal experiences in her quest for freedom, making a difference and starting out as coach. She's a lover of cheese, the great outdoors and you can wake her up for an adventure anytime.

SS: Tell us about your blog and coaching business!!

Wow - big question, where shall I start?

My blog and coaching is all part of a bigger vision, part of what I am creating in this lifetime. I am creating a life I am in love with. Through words and meaningful conversations and connections. By helping other women falling in love with their life too. Empowering them to choose their own adventure; to live big, bold and beautiful. A free and location independent life with a steady base to always return to. To march to the beat of my own drum and be the boss of me.

That’s what I’m working towards to. It’s a big vision and I try to take baby steps, every day. My vision started to come to life about 3 years ago when I was living in Sydney. I was so inspired by how most people I met that side of the world are putting their life first. Passion. Family. Sport. Quality time. Coming from London, this is quite a change as a lot over here evolves around work. It was also around this time I discovered Marie Forleo, Danielle LaPorte, Gabby Bernstein, and more locally Rachel MacDonald, Tara Bliss and Connie Chapman. A whole new world, one that very much aligned with how I was feeling. This was a mega shift.

Bringing it back to the here and now both my blog and coaching services are very much a work in progress. I like my site to be the platform for both, my creative outlet. I’m still a bit the experimental phase where I’m trying to find what works for me and my blog. I’m all about quality over quantity and this also definitely applies to reaching my ideal reader. Same goes for coaching. I like to work with clients that give me energy and fulfilment; it’s not just about me delivering a service. I’m in it for making a difference and I feel I can only do this and be best of service by working with people (women in this case) I have a heart-felt connection with.

SS:  How has being a fellow seeker affected your journey as a blogger and entrepreneur?

I feel that being a seeker is a fundamental part of my journey. It is how I found the beginning of the path I’m walking. If I wasn’t seeking I wouldn’t be here right now, basically. It has opened doors and brought me places. It has allowed me to live the life that I’m living and gave me the experiences I gained along the way. This all said with a very grateful heart.

It also means I am constantly seeking. Although I have to say I’m in a place of contentment at the moment when it comes to blogging and being a coach/entrepreneur. I am in my stretch zone; a place of comfort and a lot of enjoyment. Pieces of the puzzle falling into place bit by bit. As I mentioned my blog and coaching services are a work in progress. So I’m naturally seeking my next steps, to improve, to do better. To feel better. Lately, it has been all about what I’m doing should feel good. Which means letting go of certain thoughts that aren’t serving me and consciously choosing where I focus my attention. This is a journey on it’s own, which means again I’m seeking.

SS: What do you find to be the hardest part to blogging, and how are you overcoming it?

Consistency! I’m working on keeping up the consistency which I struggle with at times. Working full time, coaching several clients, writing and having a social life is a constant juggling act. I enjoy having a full life which means I don’t always deliver the consistency I would like. Having created more of a blogging plan it’s going much better and it feels more structured, which is nice.

The other thing I find hard sometimes is content - what am I going to write about? Again, now I have a blogging plan in place this is much easier. Knowing in advance what I’m going to write about gives me the opportunity to collect my thoughts over the course of a few weeks and then put words on (electronic) paper.

So I would say planning is the way forward, at least for me. In the Bright-Eyed and Blog Hearted course there’s quite a bit devoted to blog planning however it wasn’t until now I’m really starting to tap into this bit of the course. Thank goodness for unlimited access!

I used to struggle with a lot more. Things like comparison, social media followers and blog comments to name a few. Over the course of last year I managed to let go of most of these struggles as they were definitely not serving me. At the end of the day, I write because I enjoy writing not because it is a must. It’s all about the fun I’m having whilst doing it and I like this to be the driving factor. I would lie if I’d say my inner critic never peeks her head around the corner however I’m always able to remind myself why I’m in it. It’s not a competition; it’s a desire to express myself.

SS: What are your plans for your blog in 2015?

I have launched my new blog design at the end of last year and I would love to continue to build on that. The vision for my blog was for it to be a place where I want to spend time. Hang out. For it to really be my online home and I’m thrilled with the result. In January I mapped out the next 6 months in terms of writing content and made the decision to focus on a specific theme each month. This kicked off in February with Women in Business (for which you wrote a very inspiring guest post) and March will be all about Confidence.

In the coming months I would also like to redesign my opt-in newsletter freebie, I’m thinking along the lines of a manifesto, and perhaps do some other design work with Emma Kate. She is the creative brain behind all my branded material and I just love creating with her. The other thing I have been toying with is working with a writing coach. I feel I would really benefit from this and would like to re-write my about page/biography and make the information on my coaching services more original and comprehensive.

Further I don’t have any massive blog plans for 2015. I need to divide my time between coaching and writing and this year will also be about building up a portfolio of coaching clients. To put my services out there for the world to see and working with clients I enjoy working with.

I feel there’s a lot of possibility and opportunity ahead and I’m just scratching the surface with it all. I am excited!!

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