Chloe from One Infinite Life

Jul 27, 2015

Today on Simplify Blogging, I'm featuring the lovely Chloe from One Infinite Life. She's a Psychology Student, Life Coach and blogger. 

1.) Tell us about yourself and your lovely blog!

Hello! I’m Chloe. I’m 22 years old, a psychology student and a life coach. I’m an INFJ who loves reading, hiking, the beach, food, and LIFE. I’m obsessed with herbal tea and dark chocolate, and I absolutely love learning about myself and others. 

I really believe that we all have the infinite power to create our own reality, which is why I created my blog. I had a really deep and unfulfilled desire to create, share and serve. And I wanted to inspire people to create a life that they love — one of limitless possibilities. One of the best things about having a blog is the freedom to write and share about whatever you like, this is something that really lights me up, and is another reason why I started my blog.

The journeys we undertake

Jul 24, 2015

Today's post is from the lovely Intuitive Life Coach Renee Vos de Wael After having traveled in Africa and Asia, I've experience similar cultural situations where I needed to stay calm and not get sucked into heated conversations or debates that could escalate and make travel less enjoyable. 
In the period that we lived in Africa, it took a lot of preparations towards the date when we finally commenced our travels.  We had to make sure all the paperwork was filled in, and the different authorities took their time to have a look at the paperwork.
One particular trip we traveled with three other families and accompanying security personnel to the border.  We knew that the real negotiations will start  right then and there at customs to get into the country. 
In most African countries, you need to dash (A small pay-off of cash) the right people to receive the correct stamps so that we can cross the border.  Paying "a dash" is just the way it goes, and it has been for decades.

Why Kate Toholka Rocks

Jul 20, 2015

Today it's my pleasure to be chatting with the lovely online success coach, best-selling author, and blogger Kate Toholka!

1.) Hello Kate and welcome! I wanted to first off say that I love your site and magazine. I love how you say what needs to be said and avoid the fluff, so to speak. I too find tons of fluff everywhere, which prompted me to start this series.  How has your business and life transformed or changed since starting your blog?

It's been an absolutely huge transformation. I started my blog almost 3 years ago now and only just starting to reap the rewards on the monetary front, but on a personal transformation side - it's been one heck of journey. I'm a lot more confident in myself, I have purpose, I contribute to positive change in people's lives. It's so much fun.

becoming a better writer

Jul 19, 2015

I still remember the sting I felt that day. A guest post I felt so ecstatic to have had the pleasure to create hadn't been as good as I had intended it to be. It contained my arch nemesis ( typos...grrrrr) and the editor politely let me know the work was sub par.

Instead of realizing this was an editing issue on my part ( apparently I had failed to proofread it), my mind wandered into the you-can't-write zone.

Not a good place to be lingering...

Katie Tymms on blogging, coaching, and natural living

Jul 13, 2015

Today on Simplify Blogging, the lovely Katie Tymms is here sharing her journey as a blogger, coach, and naturopath.