Oct 28, 2014

10 Things I'm Lovin'

Did you notice something new on the blog friends? Yep, new design! After being a fan of Amanda's templates ( and all her design work) I saw one I loved and went for it. Absolutely loving it!

As you all know we don't have fall here in Thailand :( And fall is my favorite season. But we still go all out for Halloween and do a faux fall bucket list that includes Kaya and I getting our nails done in Halloweenish colours, watching as many scary movies as possible, making a very random 80s/90s inspired playlist you can see here ( yes, I am a horror movie geek, what can I say) and decorating as much as possible. Pumpkin spice gluten free pancakes coming soon.

Here are the 10 things I'm currently loving, from seasonal must haves to blogging resources and more!

Fall/Halloween Inspired

This Necklace
Talk about beautiful, and a wee bit goth.

this long cardigan
the entire outfit looks snug and warm, yet romantic.

George's Island ( classic Halloween movie)
if you are a child of the 80s/90s, chances are you've seen this Canadian classic that aired often in North America. Never made it to DVD but worth renting or buying the VHS and rolling old school.

Even more old school Halloween TV specials you watched as a kid
Yes, I have an entire pinboard devoted to this because I found classics like Bunnicula, The Halloween That Almost Wasn't, The Worst Witch, The Witch Who Turned Pink and more on Youtube. You're welcome! ;)


Cameron Diaz's Awesome Blog
I literally just found The Body Book website and all of the articles I've read so far are inspirational and helpful, especially this one on essential oils from Casey Wiegand.

A healthier take on Mac and Cheese
Meghan's blog is a MUST read, filled with delicious yet nutritious recipes. This one looks perfect for a healthier take on a classic comfort food.

Make Better Art
Being a part of this course on staying inspired and honing my craft as an artist has been a true blessing. It goes into getting back the why of what prompted us to be artists in the first place.


Regina's story on becoming a full time blogger
Where to begin with this one? First of all, everything Regina writer has been useful, to put it lightly. I see her posts pinned more than any other when it comes to blogging tips, so when she spilled the beans on her journey-the struggles, the triumph-I was grateful to hear that I am not alone in this bloggosphere, where some days working online is easy while others it's a fight. At the end of the day it's a journey, and there is always more to learn.

Ultimate Blogger's Bundle sale
From content marketing to building a solid editorial calendar and more, Bonnie's courses are all on sale until Black Friday. I've done them all fyi, which is why I'm promoting this as an affiliate. Super useful, and Bonnie is a like minded stay-at-home-Mom. Love her!


This free app let's you share with others the places you've visited, restaurants you recommend, and also find places/experiences to add to your bucket list. It's a wee bit addicting and extremely helpful for travel planning.


And because it's so helpful ( and FREE) I'm adding an 11th thing I love: Melissa Cassera's Obsessed course. 

Oct 19, 2014

Vacation Without Internet

Awesome clutch c/o Zalora

It was obvious we weren't going to be having much time online, and I felt grateful for the break. We visit Penang virtually every 2 months, and since our last trip to Georgetown, we have relished our trips to Malaysia. The food, the people, the architecture....and most importantly, friends.

It's a long story as to how we became such good friends with the family that owns a really nice car rental place near our hotel, but to sum it up, they have an internet cafe at the back of their store. Billy headed off one evening to find a good internet connection and do some work while Kaya and I hung out at the hotel. He told me about the little internet place he had found, and Kaya and I came to visit the place as it was 1 minuted away from our hotel. We soon became friends with everyone who worked there, included the family of six that owned the place and lived upstairs. Kaya was so obsessed with the four little girls that she demanded I drop her off there ever morning.

Same thing happened this trip. Kaya ran over to visit the girls and I got to hang out with their Mum, whom I miss dearly.

I had little time for internet this trip, partially because our hotel still had limited connection and also because I wanted time off of work. Time away from email, social media, and everything else. I did have some time online, here and there. But it wasn't much. I was able to relax and enjoy myself.

Do you enjoy having time offline? How often do you unplug? 

Oct 9, 2014

Hello from Penang!

Hello friend!

I'm currently in Penang ( Malaysia) visiting friends and exploring Georgetown, the historical part of the island that we so love visiting.

On our last trip, we met a family who have become close friends ( almost overnight) and Kaya is playing with their four daughters for most of the day while Billy works and I wander around taking photos.

You'll be hearing from me again in a few days but just wanted to pop back in and say hello! My internet is somewhat limited so that's why I haven't posted in the last few days.

How have your Halloween plans been coming? Have you started decorating?