The Power of Perseverance

Sep 30, 2015

Perseverance during hard times can seem almost impossible, yet necessary.

When I became an entrepreneur, I learned just how important failure can be in taking your business in directions you wouldn't have thought possible if things had gone according to plan.

Take my friend Rodrigo, for example. He lives in El Salvador and decided to become an entrepreneur as a means of getting his family out of poverty. Everyone told him he was crazy, that he should just stick to working at his desk job which was causing him health issues and made him deeply unhappy.

He took course and after course to try and learn as much about business and marketing as he could, but kept failing at making an income from his efforts.

But he persevered despite his failures, and is now a roll model for young entrepreneurs across the world.

He's also the kindest, most generous fella I know ( apart from my husband of course) and is determined to help inspire as many people as he can to continue growing their businesses, especially during hard times.

Rodrigo kindly let me interview him today, and I think you'll love learning more about his journey as well as the Facebook groups that helped encourage him.

How To Adopt A Slow (Yet Satisfying) Lifestyle

Sep 26, 2015

The sun has begun to set here in Thailand. The unbearable heat is fading, and a gentle breeze flows into our old Thai home. It's a huge difference from the overwhelming humidity we faced during the afternoon, when we attempted to eat outside.

I'm not sure how long we'll be living here in Chiang Mai, but I must say that after five years of living in this country, I've learned important lessons in savouring life, and slowing down.

How I Became A Coach ( and how you can, too!)

Sep 15, 2015

For the longest time, I dreamed of being able to work from home and be able to support our family in a way that was a way was in service to others.

To say I enjoy helping people is an understatement. I'm somewhat obsessed with it. It was the driving force behind me creating our free blogging group of over 5K members, and in many other aspects of my life.

But I didn't embrace the idea of becoming a coach and mentor as my profession until 2014.

You see, I actually got certification as a Holistic Life, Wellness, and Raw Foods Coach from the Apothecary Circle back in 2013, but I did it mainly to help our family live a healthier lifestyle, not with the intention of coaching.

I later won a scholarship into the Academy of Culinary Nutrition too, and yet again, I wanted to apply what I studied to our family's life as opposed to making it my career.

It wasn't until I realized that what I was doing with my Social Media and content marketing business ( Thriving Healer) was in fact not just consulting, but coaching.

And not just a business coach, but someone talking to clients about almost every aspect of their lives. 

It was one phone call in particular that hit home on my new coaching status We were discussing the client's Social Media and business like usual, when she then revealed the real reason she wasn't promoting her business online.

 It wasn't that she didn't know what to do, but that she doubted herself. Sure, the strategy I was crafting for her blog and Social Media helped big time, but the accountability and encouragement were what really made the sessions potent and change-inducing. 

It was an important moment for both of us as I knew she wasn't the only client of mine that was struggling with the self limiting beliefs we all have.

I saw just how pervasive limiting beliefs can be, and how they can hinder a person's life and business.

Something lit within me, a spark driven by the desire to help my clients with more than just their blogging and Social Media.

I yearned for them to believe in themselves and their work 600 percent.

I wanted those self limiting beliefs kicked to the curb and replaced by love-fueled affirmations about success and happiness.

I finally became a coach.

Self-love: 2 simple tools how to find it, cultivate it and make it last!

Sep 5, 2015

Samantha Wheatley is writing today about one of my favorite topics: self love.
Learn more about Sam here!

Okay, this may not be the easiest thing to face for many of us but I think we lack in the area of self-love. We are full of love and yet we give it mostly to others and not ourselves. I am of the opinion that our love well is like a bottomless cup of coffee, we can keep re-filling it! We have this deep well inside of us that is filled with love and the more we use it and give it, the more we get to fill it up so that it never runs out.  

So, how do we get this self-love? 

Wellbeing Blogger Carly Jennings

Aug 31, 2015

Today in Simplify Blogging, we're joined by the beautiful Carly Jennings from Living Brightly!

A wellbeing blogger + soul writer, Carly inspires her readers to heal, nourish, and create. Just as I've connected with many of the bloggers in this series through the Bright-Eyed and Blog-hearted community, I also became friends with Carly in the Facebook group and have found her such an inspiration!