Jan 30, 2015

What I'm Reading

Yesterday, we visited Chiang Rai and spent a few days exploring the small city that for some reason makes me feel I am in the himalayas. Maybe it's how quiet it is, mixed with shining lights and crafts being sold at the market.

We discovered a popular yet hidden restaurant located beside the river. The place looked as if it was from New Orleans: huge, drafty house as an interior, and shabby chic furniture outside, next to their organic garden.

Talk about the perfect place to sit and read!

My reading list is long, but here are the books I've brought with me plus articles that I'm savouring right now:

Show Your Work
I can't believe I haven't read this before! It's a MUST read for every creative. The book shows how to market your services by showing your creative process online. So as a writer, it could be taking photos of your writing a rough draft, tweeting quotes from the upcoming projects, etc. There are so many takeaways from this book, and I'm only half way through.

Mothering The Soul
For the Mama who feels overwhelmed and wants to find time to pursue her creative passions and find balance. I just started this but can't wait to finish and will review it on the blog when I do!

The Art of Work
I was given an advance copy of the book by the author ( thanks Jeff!!) but you can download it for free here ( you have to pay shipping and handling but the book itself is free at the moment). The premise of The Art of Work is that doing meaningful work we're passionate about is imperative, not optional.

Zen And The Art of Escaping Domestic Violence
My friend Kiki's recount of her escaping an abusive relationship. She is so strong, and we can all learn from her and support others going through the same thing.

High: A Party Girl's Guide To Peace
I listened to the free audio sample on Tara's site and was so moved by her thoughts on finding happiness outside of the party atmosphere. I've heard nothing but good things about this book, can't wait to read it!

What books are you currently reading?

Jan 28, 2015

Letting Go

Today we have a guest post from the radiant globetrotting Life Coach Renee Vos De Wael
Sitting here is making me smile; just sitting in a cafe with beautiful surroundings. This whole week I have time for me, for my work, and for my writing. To get all of these thoughts down on paper, so that sharing is a possibility. This time will help me to make my day to day life easier, getting the day better in balance. Like for you, pondering about how I can reach my goals, dreams easier and better. To offer the best of me to you.
While I am sitting here, the only thing I can think of is letting go. It is time for me to let go of a certain period of my life. My life is changing; the kids don't need me 24/7 anymore, they are growing up. Doing their own thing, having their own life. So it is time for me to look at the beauty of the change of the growth that has happened. 
It is time for me to shift. Something the kids have done a long time ago! Today Im catching up. Shifting into a mum with little ones into a mum with teenagers. They teach me new things, hopefully Im learning them new things and letting them grow into the amazing persons they already are. 
So maybe letting go is also saying good-bye to a period that was great. But that is over and it is time to move on. Letting go is not something we do on a daily basis, it is something that happens in phases. The phases are important to recognise and to take your time to say good-bye to. 
When you are at the point of letting or moving on to something new, something the same, but something still quite different. Take your time with that, wait until youre ready to do so. Take your time to enjoy it one more time, and say good-bye when you are ready. Say good-bye to the goal you reached and set a new one. Make sure you are ready for the next step, because the journey is going to be great, difficult, amazing, horrible, maybe even the best thing in your life.
 To make sure that you are ready to let go and to make a fresh start. By taking your time in taking the next step, youre ready to be bold and adventurous. You know what you are capable of. So you can focus on what is new. 
You can feel into the new for you and at the same time you can enjoy the art of letting go. This is the point where you know that letting go is a good thing. Because you know that letting go is inviting something new in.
Have fun!
Instagram I Free meditation lesson here!

Jan 26, 2015

Nicole Knox-Gray On Blogging

Today on Simplify Blogging, I am thrilled to be featuring Nicole Knox-Gray. Nicole is a Health & Wellness Coach, Wife & Mama, Happiness Hunter and creator of A Spectacular Life.
Nicole believes that we all deserve to live A Spectacular Life filled with laughter, love and spiritual wellbeing. As a coach, she challenges and inspires her clients to create a love-soaked life filled with passion, presence and purpose.
SS: Tell us about yourself and your lovely blog!!
My name is Nicole Knox-Gray, and I my little space is called A Spectacular Life. It’s for souls seeking passion, purpose and presence. It’s my desire to inspire women to live full, love-soaked and fulfilling lives.
I’m a mama to a toddler and an incredibly active border collie and a wife. I’m a life and wellness coach and am about to complete my certification through the Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy. Can’t wait!

SS: What inspired you to become a Wellness Coach?
I have jammed quite a bit into the 33 years that I’ve been on this earth. I have learnt so many lessons, sometimes the hard way!
Recently I’ve found myself on a journey to move away from anger, unhealthy eating, and negative self-talk to a place of spirituality, exercise, healthy eating and self-love.

I loved sharing my story and lessons learnt along this journey, and I love connecting with people so a wellness coach just seemed like the right fit!

I just want everyone to live their best lives, and being a wellness coach means that I can support women who really want this too. I want them to realise that they are the creator of their own lives  - and have the ability to make magic happen.
I feel privileged that my clients choose to share this time of growth with me. It’s an honour really.

 SS: How has blogging helped you promote your Wellness Coaching services and Social Media events?
Blogging gives me a voice. It allows me to express my creativity and knowledge. I write in my journal everyday so to me writing is something that my soul needs to do. It’s a non-negotiable.

With my blog I have the ability to reach people that I might not reach otherwise. I have spoken with people all over the world – it’s amazing. I’m able to share my thoughts, dreams and wishes on a public platform to hopefully connect with one soul.

Blogging brings me great joy. I can only hope that it does the same thing for the people that read it.

 SS: What is the one tip you would give to bloggers just starting out?

Just keep creating content. It doesn’t matter if you have no comments, or 50! By creating you are showing up, with purpose and delivering to your audience. That builds trust. Trust is key.

Also, respect your audience too. Reply to comments, thank readers and also comment on other blogs. Support and network – that is one way to make some awesome connections and friends in this online sphere.
One more thing – don’t just focus on numbers – try to think about the real connection that people have with your writing. You would rather have one loyal and inspired person than have many followers who aren’t really digging what you’re creating.

 SS: Can you share with us your blogging goals for 2015?
Oooh great question!
I have an ebook that is in the pipeline so I want to publish that. That’s a big one to tick off the list!
I want to keep creating content that is generous and brings people joy.
2015 is going to bring more interviews with some amazing mavens, more guest posts and more videos I feel!
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