16 September 2014

4 Tools To Streamline your Business and Blog

Today friends we have a guest post from the brilliant Cristina Roman of One Woman Shop!

We’re in an era of business where traditionally separate areas of business- like customer service, online marketing, and networking- now overlap. For example, your social media channels double as customer service hotlines, how promptly you respond to emails affects your personal brand, and taking the time to follow up with someone you interact with on social media can turn them into a long-term customer or client.

I’m a self-avowed #toolsnerd, which is what inspired me to create One Woman Shop’s column Tools We Love. Today, I’m highlighting a few of my daily go-to tools, which help me streamline the intertwined areas of my business.

For staying on top of emails: Boomerang

As a solo business owner, you probably use email more often than the phone to interact with your clients and customers, right? Use Boomerang to remind yourself to follow up with people who haven’t responded, to push away emails until you’re able to deal with them, and to keep your inbox clear (for at least a little bit) with the Send Later feature.

For finding new people to connect with: FollowerWonk

Chances are, you’re always looking for new people to connect with in your solo business. I’m a huge fan of direct email outreach (here’s a look into the strategy I use) and the first step is finding like-minded individuals, be it potential clients, mentors, or partners. Use FollowerWonk, a tool from Moz, to search Twitter bios for people to add to your community. Once you determine your ideal client, search for relevant keywords- and synonyms- to build your network. For example, I periodically search for terms like “solopreneur,” “solo business owner,” and “creative entrepreneur.”

For more tips on FollowerWonk- Tools We Love: FollowerWonk

For saving time on scheduling: YouCanBook.Me

If you find yourself dealing with what I call the back-and-forth calendar shuffle, YouCanBook.Me might be a useful tool for you. Anytime you want to schedule a client call or a Google Hangout with someone you met through FollowerWonk (see what I did there?), just sent the person a link to your calendar and allow them to book time with you. No more 10-deep email threads to find an ideal time to meet!

For getting the word out more efficiently: Click to Tweet

Click to Tweet is a free service that allows you to create pre-drafted tweets; it gives you a unique URL for each tweet, which you can send out to anyone for them to send out. You control the message, they don’t have to think about what to write- win, win! Use it if you’re launching a product and would like others to help you spread the word, when you do an interview with someone on your site and want them to share it with their network, or you write an awesome blog post that you think others will want to share.

For more tips on Click to Tweet- Tools We Love: Click to Tweet

I always encourage One Woman Shop members to find the tools that work best for them- one size doesn’t fit all in business- but try giving these tools a try if you haven’t!

09 September 2014

Big happenings!!

The past week and a half have been event filled, to say the least!

My Mom arrived on the third. After a long journey from L.A. to Hong Kong to Phuket, she got in early afternoon and was met with loads of hugs ( and Kaya asking about if she brought any toys...sigh). We decided to have a staycation for the last week at her hotel, with Kaya camping in Gran's room.

Eating excellent vegetable pizza ( my personal fav) and sipping from coconuts has been awesome, and Kaya has loved swimming in the hotel pool 24/7. We're looking forward to the next few weeks because they may well be our last here in Phuket.

Yup that's right: we will be flying to Vancouver sometime mid October.

After the incredibly exhausting battle with the family visas in the UK, and with no clear change in the policy in near site, we just decided it makes more sense to move to Canada as both Billy and Kaya are Canadian, and it's closer to family.

I've never been there, and Billy has never been to BC. This is an exciting adventure for us, and even though a big part of me is really upset about us not going back to the UK, we have connected with so many artists, Moms, Dads, and overall lovely people who are in or near Vancouver. One of my good friends and photography mentor Jordan Oram ( get his gorgeous, massive ebook on travel in Canada and creating community for free here) has basically given me a history lesson of Vancouver Island everytime we talk. Lyndsey has sent me so many suggestions as to where we should check out for our home base, and I can't wait to meet her. The Normans are going to drive up and visit us, and so will our friends Angel and Jon.

We're all crazing the forest, fall + winter, and living in a cozy cottage of some kind. To finally get to experience fall with my little one means the world to me. I miss the foliage so much!

Other big news: I won a scholarship to the Academy of Culinary Nutrition. It's a huge honour, and I can't wait to impart what I learn in the program here on the blog, and in future courses, ebooks, etc

Lastly, I created a tote for myself with my motto Simplify It All that you can get here. I made it for yours truly but I figured some of you may like it, so it's up for sale for the next month.

Have you been to British Columbia, or do you live there? 

05 September 2014

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